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This is the Class Log Form for tutors at Zenith Outreach.

IMPORTANT: Before you proceed, if you are trying to log hours for activities that are NOT tutoring, mentoring, or otherwise instructional, please use this form instead:

Additionally, you may need to log your hours at

Thank you so much!
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Type of Session *
Public is for classes open to a larger number of students, such as the seminars or free summer classes. Paid is for any class that involves money, including the mentoring program. Tutoring is for any of the free tutoring sessions, such as the 30 minute ones..
Date of the Session *
Start time of the session *
If you don't remember, please estimate the best you can.
End time of the session *
Title *
Examples:John TMSCA, Mentoring Steven, Tutoring Jane, Chris Chemistry (Think of it as a memo, it's not standardized :))
Class *
For paid classes, select other and enter the appropriate topic (Such as "Intro to Java" or "Elementary TMSCA",  "", etc. )
Session *
Attendance *
How many people (students) showed up? (Estimate when in doubt)
Length (Hours) *
How long was the session (In hours, for example, 0.5 means 30 minutes. Round to the nearest quarter hour)
Instructor(s) (Please include your first and last name(s), thank you!) *
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Optional, if there's anything else you'd like to say :)
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