New Client Questionnaire
Rachel Dauchy Services
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Your business name?
What industry are you in?
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What type of entity is your company?
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How many employees do you have (including yourself)?
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Will you need payroll services?
What is your role in the business?
Have you used Quickbooks before?
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How many years have you been in business?
How familiar are you with bookkeeping practices?
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When did you last file your taxes?
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Do you have a relationship with a CPA?
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What are your annual sales?
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Are you hoping to grow? What is your target annual revenue and how quickly are you looking to get there?
Do you have the financial resources to invest into gaining control of your company finances, and are you ready to make that investment?
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What do you wish you could know about your business that you don't know now? (example, Is it worth it to be open 7 days a week?)
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