Initial character impressions
Hi, my name is Olivia Cory and I am a third-year student at Rose Bruford College. For my independent research project, I am looking at embroidery in costumes specifically Game of Thrones. As you may or may not be aware that the costumes in Game of Thrones are heavily embroidered, but you may not know that the embroidery tells multiple stories about the character.
This will be a survey looking into the garment I have made inspired by the show Game of Thrones. I have recreated a garment for a specific character, wanting to explore whether when considering the nature of the show, do you think that the embroidery on the costume is noticeable and can the story be understood. Within this survey can you identify the personality of the character portrayed through the story?
Did you watch the Games of Thrones series?
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Did you read the Game of Thrones books?
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Please watch this video before answering the questions below.
Entire view of the garment.
First impressions: When looking at the overall garment, which character/ kind of person do you think would wear this costume?
What part of the costume sticks out to you the most and why?
First Impressions: Looking at the skirt, what do you think the tree represents?
Captionless Image
First Impressions: What part of the top of the dress sticks out to you the most and why?
From looking at the garment as a whole, what do you think the story is? Please give details behind your thinking.
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