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English Pronunciation Remediation on the Telephone
Hi, I'm Jim Salsman, and I want to solve English pronunciation remediation on the telephone for three markets: (1) professional non-native English speakers who want to improve their comprehensibility on phone calls and teleconferencing for remote work; (2) English as a second language students of all ages who want to practice their pronunciation any time and place, without expensive laptop software or compatibility issue-fraught WebRTC apps; and (3) speech language professionals who need telemedicine support for diagnosis and apraxia therapy.

Our customers will call a phone number and listen to instructions in English or their native language, and will be asked questions to answer and asked to pronounce words and phrases in English. Their response will be evaluated using Professor Seiichi Nakagawa's 2011 intelligibility assessment method, a vast improvement over the flawed 1989-2000 era "goodness of pronunciation" state of the art found in almost all pronunciation remediation software today, using open source software from 2017 (see which we have begun porting to the Twilio telephony platform.

To do this, we'll need (1) more Python and C developer(s); (2) educators for instructional interaction and curriculum design; (3) marketers for outreach to ESL and related communities; (4) quality assurance technicians to listen to and help transcribe student audio responses; (5) a videographer; (6) fundraisers to help respond to the rapid response grant solicitations we've received since the covid crisis began, and to complete regulation crowdfunding materials at; and last but not least, (7) experienced management and finance expert(s), because we're engineers and we want to focus on engineering.

There are now many hundreds of millions more teleworkers and online distance education students than there were in January, resulting in this vast new market opportunity that the covid crisis has opened. For additional social proof, here are some more videos of our CTO from 2010: 2011: and 2018: Here's our first paid engineering employee demonstrating integration with Wikimedia Wiktionary in 2017:
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