Girls Exploring Math, Fall 2017
This is the registration form for fall GEM classes at Octopus math. To register, please fill out this form completely.

Girls Exploring Math classes are for elementary school girls who are interested in learning more math. We will use the Beast Academy curriculum as our foundation, using hands-on activities, games, and puzzles to solidify math concepts.

Classes which do not meet the minimum enrollment of 5 students will be cancelled. The class size is generally capped at 8 students, though it may go slightly higher if we have a teaching assistant available.

Classes will be held in our classroom space in downtown Berkeley, approximately one block from the BART station. The class will be taught by Kelli Talaska. The necessary Beast Academy books are included in the course fees ($250 for Sunday classes, $300 for the Monday class). Full payment is due on the first day of class (by cash or check to Octopus Math), unless Kelli has confirmed an alternate payment plan by email.

Sunday dates -- September 10 through December 3 (no meeting Sept 17, Veterans' weekend, or Thanksgiving weekend)
Monday dates -- September 11 through November 27 (every week)

You should receive a confirmation email (or waitlist notification) within 2-3 days of submitting this form. Continuing students and those who filled out the timing survey will have priority during the first week of registration.

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