SURLY Winter Reading Challenge - Registration
WELCOME to Surly's first ever reading challenge, with a range of reading prompts, bonus creative challenges, games, zoom chats, and (duh) prizes. 📖📚🎉

The program runs 6 July - 25 September, and you can join in anytime. So if you're ready to get involved, discover some great new books, meet like-minded people, and make time to enjoy your reading this winter - sign up here! We're excited to have you!

Upon registration, your contact details will be shared with our student volunteers who are running the challenge. You will receive weekly emails and invitations to challenges/events.
Follow along at

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The following rules must be complied by all facilitators and student participants.

Be currently enrolled at Monash University, Clayton Campus.
Be respectful to all Monash students and staff members
Be understanding of and open to new ideas
There is an understanding that there is no obligation from participants and that silence is acceptable
Be a friendly person
Have an understanding of the diversity of the student experience at Monash University
Be encouraging and supportive of all students
Be an eager participant
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