Community Planning Area "Plan the Plan" Survey
The Community Planning Area (CPA) assessment process is the City of Albuquerque's new way of doing long-range planning with communities. The Planning Department is embarking on this new venture to enable residents, business owners, property owners, community groups, and other key stakeholders to shape the future of their community on an ongoing, proactive basis. The goal of the CPA assessments is to have more equitable planning for all Albuquerque communities through intentional, community-based engagement on a 5-year cycle.

In this survey, Planning staff is asking for your help designing more accessible and creative ways to gather data about each community and engage with stakeholders. For more information about the CPA assessment process, visit

This survey should take about 10 minutes and will be used to inform the CPA assessment process. Survey results will supplement input gathered during our “Plan the Plan” meeting series in held October 2019. We appreciate your participation and thoughtful responses.
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