Hive Hosting Application

Bee Rooted supplies and manages honey bees for community gardens, farms, homeowners, schools, restaurants, and parks in the Cucamonga Valley and surrounding areas under the "Hive Hosting" program. This application does not serve as a contract. After you fill out an application, we have an interview, and the contract, then we will discuss delivery of your hives.

Host gets:

* One or more hives of honey bees on your property.
* Opportunity to observe honey bees with their flight schools, mating dances, and more.
* Pollination for garden (and neighborhood).

All bees, products, and equipment remain property of Bee Rooted unless otherwise specified in the contract.

You also need to agree not to spray any pesticides or chemicals in your yard or garden, which also includes: tree care, lawn care companies, fungicides, herbicides etc. Unfortunately these things can kill or harm bees. Even at nonlethal levels they may be stored by the bees in the hive and pesticide buildup inside the hive reduces their immunity and contributes to colony collapse.

Hosting a hive is a great way to help increase the honeybee population in your local area. Honeybees are struggling in modern society due to pesticides, monoculture crops, diseases, and pests. By hosting a honeybee hive in your own backyard, you can do your part to help save the bees one home at a time.

Once this application is received, it will be reviewed and someone will contact you to set up a time to take a look at your yard and verify that it is suitable for housing a bee colony.

We look forward to talking with you and hope to be able to provide you with lots of buzzing new friends this year!
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