Rouge Website Advertise
Gold Advertising: 512×512
– 3 months :: L$4,000
– 6 months :: L$6,000
– 12 months :: L$8,000
– Logo located on the sidebar w/ link

Silver Advertising: 300×300
– 3 months :: L$2,000
– 6 months :: L$4,000
– 12 months :: L$6,000
– Logo located on the sidebar w/ link

Bronze Advertising: 150×150
– 3 months :: L$1,000
– 6 months :: L$2,000
– 12 months :: L$4,000
– Logo located on the sidebar w/ link


Advertising Agreement


1.Payments must be in lindens and paid in full for the advertise package you selected. See above packages before making a final decision.

2.Proof of payment in the form of a notecard of transaction history. Send InWorld to DjRoseAthena.

3.A pixel graphic in .jpg or .png (logos only). Logo can be sent inworld or through email to

4.The URL/SLurl that the advertisement will be linked to.

5.Only brand owners allowed and only brand owners must stay in contact. No other staff allowed. We will not chase anyone down to get answers.

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