Sexy Events Application
I'll (Aella) use this information for strictly orgy-centric invites, and won't share any of this data with non-organizers.

I ask a lot about kink, but I've thrown a lot of non-kink events! Please don't worry about not having kink information if you're not into that.
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Have you had experiences with orgies, play parties, naked parties, kink events, or similar stuff before? If so, describe:
What's your general experience with kink, negotiating scenes or consent?
Have you been evicted from any communities? If so, describe:
What do *you* want in a sexy event party? What makes you nervous, what assurances would you want to have, norms you'd like to see, opportunities you're really excited about? What does your ideal event look like?
Do you know any people I know? In-network, any connections?
You're interested in:
What are your feelings about attending a sex/kink event with alcohol? *
How does your approach to consent differ most from those around you or the rest of society? *
If it doesn't differ at all, that's also a fine answer
How do you tend to handle people crossing your boundaries? *
How do you handle when you cross other people's boundaries? *
Have you been accused of sexual assault or violating sexual boundaries with another person? If so, describe the situation/what happened. *
Are you currently sexually satisfied in your personal life? *
What's your cultural heritage?
Your sexual preferences tend to be more *
If you're pan, then answer 4
Gender balance is hard; if you invite women who submit this application and get invited to an event, I'll give you bonus points. List their names/emails here so I can verify!
This, of course, isn't required
You get born in the year 1400, and live in a small town where everyone you know - family, friends, intellectual elites, leaders - all unambiguously, devoutly religious. Would you, through reason, eventually stop believing in this religion? *
Very unlikely
Very likely
In general, you tend to be more
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In general, how much do you like power dynamics in your sexual experiences?
 (as in; do you prefer no power dynamics, where control/power is equal or shared, or do you prefer strong power dynamics, where one party is clearly "in control" - e.g., dominant - and the other not?)
A lot
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