2019 Students’ Comprehensive Needs Assessment Survey
Spring Whole District
Select your grade
In my school, programs and services are available to help me succeed.
How would you like to see Federal funds used in your school? (Choose all that apply)
In my school, expectations and their purpose are clearly explained to me and my family.
In my school, a high quality education is offered.
In my school, all students are treated with respect.
Depression and/or anxiety are issues that I face.
In my school, rules are applied equally to all students.
In my school, students treat adults with respect.
In my school, the principals and teachers have high expectations of me.
My school gives multiple assessments to check my understanding of what was taught.
My school provides me with challenging curriculum and learning experiences.
My school prepares me to deal with issues I may face in the future.
In my school, I always feel motivated.
My school offers opportunities for my family to become involved in school activities and my learning.
At least one adult in my school knows me well and shows interest in my education and future.
I face bullying and/or peer pressure issues in my school.
All of my teachers explain their expectations for learning and behavior so I can be successful.
All of my teachers keep me and my family informed of my academic progress.
All of my teachers fairly grade and evaluate my work.
In my school, the building and grounds are safe, clean and provide a healthy place for learning.
In my school, technology is up-to-date and used by teachers to help me learn.
In my school, students help each other even if they are not friends.
In my school, I can participate in activities that interest me.
In my school, I have access to counseling, career planning and other programs to help me.
My school shares information about school success with my family and community members.
My school considers students' opinions when planning ways to improve the school.
My school prepares me for success in the next school year.
Having access to academic cultural travel offers me real world experiences that would help in my academic success.
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