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LSAMP Second-year & Transfer Experience Program (STEP) is an opportunity for URM STEM students at the sophomore level or new to the university via transfer to engage more effectively with the LSAMP Program by gaining additional support, connecting with a community, and working towards academic success. Four focus areas have been identified to be woven through LSAMP STEP programming:

- STEP Up Your Game (Academic Success, Community Building)
- STEP Into Your Field (Career Exploration, Internships, Research)
- STEP Forward (Leadership, Involvement, Personal Growth)
- STEP Up Your Means (Financial Literacy)

Student Participants will be required to attend a Retreat once per term as well as engage in one Academic Counseling appointment each term. Various other events, activities, workshops and opportunities will be available to participants to participate in as they are interested and able.

Student Participants will receive a USB wristband (pre-loaded with resources and documents), small giveaways, and will be entered into raffles for larger prizes at the end of the year.

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