TFC Parenting Educator Independent Contractor Inquiry Form
Please fill out this online document to be considered for a scholarship to be trained in an evidence based curricula training and/or teaching a Parenting Series for The Family Connection.
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Please email your Certified Parenting Educator Certificate for the above checked curricula to 
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If trained by The Family Connection, we are expecting you to teach a class to a group of about 10 parents. What populations or demographics would you like to teach to (ie. parents of infants/toddlers, parents of preschoolers, parents of schoolagers, parents of teens, Latinx families, Dads, Moms, etc.)? This is an appropriate place to tell us your implementation plan. *
Thank you for filling out this interest form! We will set up a zoom meeting time for an informal interview. After training in the specific curricula (if needed) The Family Connection will place you as the Parenting Educator for a Parenting Series. There will be clear instructions and a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) or contract that is agreed to (compensation for teaching and prep time). You are in charge of teaching the curriculum to fidelity in a professional manner, classroom management (virtual or in-person), keeping attendance records, and getting exit surveys from attendees (Parenting Skills Ladders). By signing below, you agree to these general terms. 

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