AP Calc Work-from-Home Survey
I don't think the district is mandating we do distance learning for equity reasons. However, I do feel you need to stay engaged and at least practice calculus so you are ready for the test whenever the College Board schedules them.  I want to use this survey to help figure out what kind of math support you want, and what I can do to help you.  Your responses will be kept confidential (and I won't judge - this is a very unusual situation and everyone needs to figure out what it means for them).
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What kind of internet speed do you have access to? *
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What kind of learning support do you think you'll actually use if I provide it? Please check all that apply. *
Chapter 3 is our last new-content unit. What is your content preference? *
Any thoughts I didn't already consider or ask about? Please share any ideas or concerns you have about calculus during this social distancing hiatus. This is new for me also, and I'm trying to figure this out as much as you are.
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