Sustainable Student Pledge
By taking this pledge, you are making a commitment to yourself to live more sustainably during your time at GW and beyond. We hope this pledge will encourage you to think about your daily choices and how they impact our campus and our planet. Raise high!
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I pledge to recycle whenever possible, carry a reusable water bottle, and turn off the lights when I leave a room.
Compete in GW's EcoChallenge by reducing your electricity and water usage and increasing your recycling in your residence hall. Your actions will help your residence hall win prizes like a visit from puppies during finals or a new kitchen appliance.
If you do live in a GW Residence Hall, please specify which hall.
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Please indicate your level of interest on the following topics. Information for all topics will be accessible in biweekly emails and on the Office of Sustainability website.
Education: Get information on how to educate yourself on sustainability-related issues through events on and off campus, news, and upcoming GW classes.
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High interest
Outreach: Get information on how to take a leadership role to educate and engage others on sustainability-related issues
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Community Service: Get information on volunteer opportunities on and off-campus
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