Camp Reps and Ministry Partners - Thank You For Coming to Camp!
Thank you so much for coming to Pleasant Valley this summer. We have always been blessed by our relationship with Christian Colleges and other ministries in the area and we hope that your time with us is beneficial both to you as well as to the organization you represent!

Camp is really all about having fun, building relationships, and growing in the abundant life that Christ offers us. This form helps us get to know you a little bit better, learn how God has gifted you, learn how we can best support you, and generally make our partnership go much easier.

We'll be praying for you and we look forward to working with you this summer!

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As a volunteer/ministry partner at Pleasant Valley you are required to submit some information that will be used for screening purposes only - some of these questions are specifically for the protection of campers. Some of the application is more fun and informational for our staff while we hope you take it seriously there are no wrong answers to these types of questions.

Additionally, you will be asked to either submit to a background check conducted by Pleasant Valley or provide us with a current one (conducted in this calendar year) from your ministry. No one will be allowed to serve with Children without completing these steps.

Finally, you are expected to conduct yourselves according to the rules and policies of Pleasant Valley - specifically those governing the safety and protection of campers and guests. No adult may be alone with a child at any time. More information will be provided to you once you get to camp. You are expected to follow the direction of the Executive Director, Operations Director, or Volunteer Camp Director as if you were a member of our summer staff team. A great deal of our trust is placed in you as a representative of your ministry and our expectation is that your behavior and attitude reflect that.

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