Longhorn Council District Naming
As many of you may have heard the Cross Timbers and Tejas Districts are merging in 2020. WIth that we will need a name to call ourselves. This is your chance as a Scout or Scouter in our district to suggest a name you think we should use.

This name can be any name, but really should be a name that represents the area and the volunteers of the area. The name can be as long or as short as you want, it can also have multiple words in it.

One caveat, we can not reuse the name "Tejas" or the name "Cross Timbers" or confusingly similar derivations such as "T E J A S" or "X Timbers" or "Ctriomsbsers"

From these name suggestions the new merged committee will chose the best name.
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If you suggest "Cross Timbers" "Crosstimbers"
"Tejas" "T e j a s" or other derivation therin your response will be deleted. (Please read the first paragraph for details)
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