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There are numerous methods and remedies gifted by our mother nature to treat any health or beauty condition. Similarly, there are various herbs and foods that can help you in your goal for breast enhancement without going through any dangerous surgical process.

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Help, my breasts are getting smaller!
Your breasts begin to grow in puberty, after a few years they have grown and you have to do with the size that they eventually become. Some women notice, however, that their breasts are becoming smaller, how is this possible?
The growth of the breasts
When the breasts begin to grow in a girl, a new phase begins. The body gets more feminine forms and the breasts become larger and more beautiful. Many women are unfortunately not really satisfied with their breasts. They have difficulty with size, or they find that their breasts hang too much, or too pointed etc. In general, women leave their breasts for what they are and accept that. Women who really suffer from the appearance or the size of their breasts can have it altered surgically. Usually the negative feeling about the breasts is caused by insecurity and one has "very normal" breasts. But it happens that women are satisfied with their breasts, but suddenly notice that their breasts are smallerhave become. Small breasts are a difficult problem for many women, they feel more confident when their breasts are larger, but how can breasts become smaller?
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The size of the breasts
There are a number of factors that cause women to contract with the shrinking of the breasts. A cause is not always known, but a number of these factors are mentioned below:
You have lost a lot of weight
Breasts consist mainly of adipose tissue and glandular tissue. When you lose weight, the fat decreases over your entire body. This ensures that you decrease in size. Your breasts will also decrease in size, you can lose so much that you have to have a bra that is more than two sizes smaller than you had before.
You stopped the pill
Nowadays, girls take the pill from a very young age. The pill adds hormones to our body, which ensure that we do not become fertile. These hormones can cause the breasts to grow. When you stop taking the pill, the amount of hormones in your body decreases and your breasts can become smaller. If you started swallowing the pill at puberty, it is possible that your breasts will only take their natural size.
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Drink a lot of coffee
Scientific research has shown that breasts can shrink by drinking more than 3 cups of coffee per day. This effect is not present in all women, only 50% of women can be affected. The reduction of breasts by drinking coffee is genetically determined.
The breasts increase in size during pregnancy. The breasts prepare for breastfeeding. Under the influence of hormones the breasts become larger and they can also feel tight and tense. Many women notice that after the breastfeeding period the breasts have become smaller than before the pregnancy. It is not always the case that the breasts really become smaller, but it is also possible that they have started to hang more. Unfortunately, there are women who, after one or more pregnancies, only have two very small drooping breasts, also called very sad "teabags".
Become older
The breasts may have decreased in size in women who have passed the transition. There are fewer hormones in the body, the breasts hang more and more and the skin becomes less firm.
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