Auditions SYSMO Amsterdam

We're looking for 13 professional percussionists. You're motivated for a new, exciting project with a big potential. You ARE rhythm, interested in improvised music and instant-composing and it's no problem for you to play 2 hours long. You're open-minded, a team-player and you live in Amsterdam (or nearby). If so, read on!

Sysmo is the community of rhythm and dance created in 2011 in Brussels by Matters Collective, inspired by the unique and powerful concept of La Bomba de Tiempo in Buenos Aires, Argentina. A Sysmo event creates a unique synergy between 12 percussionists, improvising conductors, special guests and the audience. Over 400 people visit the monthly events in Brussels and in Buenos Aires the weekly happening attracts hundreds of fans and tourists.

Now it is time to bring the concept to Amsterdam, as a first step to create a Sysmo community in all the major cities of Europe.

A 100% improvised percussion show of two hours
Several conductors using an international sign language for composing on the spot
Special guests create a unique sound for every single event
Strong potential to attract tourists for the events
Pure rhythm, pure dance, pure happiness

Preselection until May 31
Group auditions : June 10 and 11

Auditions of 30-40 minutes by groups of 4-5 people.

- Talking about the musical concept
- Exercices of playing with game rules
- Simple music reading
- Interaction games and basic conducting

21st to 25th of september from 10h - 17h in Amsterdam

2-hour show every Wednesday from October 2015 at Mezrab, Amsterdam
At festivals in the Netherlands during the Summer 2016.

Payment is depending of subsidy and number of visitors. Sysmo endeavors to pay E 17,50 per hour for rehearsals and concerts in Amsterdam. We're rehearsing for 2 hours a week on Wednesday, before the concert.

16 weeks of weekly rehearsal+shows to build the group and the audience.
Then 2 options : continue weekly or go for bigger monthly shows. Decision made with the group of musicians.


Kay Krijnen - Amsterdam Artists Collective
+31 6 146 5678 1

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