Kennebunk Community Survey ~ November 2017
The Town of Kennebunk's Comprehensive Plan & Zoning Ordinance Update Committee is seeking the input of Kennebunk residents to help shape the future of our town. Please complete this survey and share with other Kennebunk residents. Survey is estimated to take 5 minutes to complete.
With respect to future residential growth in Kennebunk the Town should, ( choose one)-
With respect to future business and industrial growth in Kennebunk the Town should, ( choose one)-
Rate Kennebunk's Land use regulations
Does the Town do an adequate job of enforcing its present land use regulations?
Should commercial and industrial properties be required to conform to landscape and architectural standards that are consistent with a small town atmosphere?
Should more land in Kennebunk be set aside exclusively for office parks, industrial parks, or other commercial development?
Does the Town adequately provide for the housing needs of Kennebunk's low and moderate income households?
Should all new residential dwellings be charged an impact fee to help defray the cost of public infrastructure improvements, such as schools, traffic and recreation?
Are user fees a good way to cover the cost of additional services (i.e., Parks & Recreation trips, dump services, beach parking)?
Should the Town expand the Historic Preservation Overlay District to include additional areas?
Is the Town doing a good job protecting the Town's rivers, marshes, and other areas of scenic beauty and environmental importance?
Would you support (through the use of a portion of your tax dollars) the purchase of land or conservation easements as a means of protecting natural areas?
Do you feel that Kennebunk's local elected and appointed officials are responsive to citizen's concerns?
Please rate the quality of service that is provided by Town of Kennebunk employees
Please rate your overall satisfaction with each of the following public services
Street maintenance/repair
Police protection
Fire protection
Ambulance/Rescue services
Recreation services/facilities
Trash and recycling collection
Public Library services
Traffic management
Speed control
Town Hall services
Voting areas (parking/accessibility)
Land use planning
Code enforcement/building inspection
Services/Resources for seniors
Services/Resources for children
Services/Resources for those with disabilities
Please rank the following areas requiring improvements
Low Priority
Medium Priority
High Priority
Route 1 North traffic management improvements
Utility improvements for commercial and industrial development (i.e., sewer to Route 1 South Business Park District)
Creation of new recreation areas such as ball fields, playgrounds and parks
Construction of more sidewalks and bicycle lands along public streets
Purchase of open space lands for preservation, recreation and other future town needs
Provision for public coastal access for small boats
Please rate your top three most important reasons for moving to or living in Kennebunk (please select only 3)
# 1 reason
# 2 reason
# 3 reason
Proximity to job(s)
Small town atmosphere
Quality of Town services
Character of housing and neighborhoods
Access to beaches and coast
Quality of school system
Economic diversity of residents
Proximity of rural land/open space
Property tax rate
Please list the three most important challenges facing Kennebunk (100 words or less)
Your answer
Do you live in Kennebunk
If you do live in Kennebunk do you ONLY use your residence seasonally?
How long have you lived in Kennebunk?
Where does each wage earner in your household work?
In Kennebunk
Within 15 miles of Kennebunk
More than 15 miles from Kennebunk
Wage earner 1
Wager earner 2
Wager earner 3
Wager earner 4
Wage earner 5
Please list the ages of each household member
Birth to 5 years old
6-10 years old
11-18 years old
19-25 years old
26-35 years old
36-45 years old
46-55 years old
56-65 years old
66-75 years old
76-85 years old
85 years or older
Household Member 1
Household Member 2
Household Member 3
Household Member 4
Household Member 5
Household Member 6
Household Member 7
Household Member 8
Household Member 9
Household Member 10
In what area of Kennebunk do you live?
In 100 words or less please share any additional comments you think would be helpful to the Comprehensive Plan & Zoning Ordinance Update Committee. You may also email your comments to Economic Development Director Jim Black at or contact at (207) 604-1366
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