Axminster's views about food
HALFF is running a survey for as many people as possible in and around Axminster, in order that we can learn more about what people think about the food they eat and the environment more generally and how it affects their health. We plan to use this to plan services for all groups of the community, so we would be most grateful if you could complete it and submit it to us. All answers will be completely confidential.
Are you happy with what you eat? *
Do you think you should be eating more / less of any of the following foods? Please tick all that apply
Fruit and veg
Ready meals
Chocolate, sweets, crisps, cakes etc
None - I think I eat about the right amount of everything
What stops you from changing what you eat? Please tick all that apply *
Do you drink energy / fizzy drinks? (not including water) If yes, how often? *
Do you eat bars of chocolate / crisps etc *
Do you eat ready meals / processed foods *
Do you think that overall the quantity of food you eat is: *
Do you have children under 18 living with you? *
If yes, do you find it easy to encourage them to eat a healthier diet?
What makes it difficult to encourage them to eat a healthier diet? Please tick all that apply *
Do you do any sports? *
If yes, where? tick all that apply
If no, what prevents you? (please tick all that apply)
How often do you do exercise? *
Are you happy with your weight? *
If no, are you?
Do you consider yourself to be healthy? *
What do you do to be healthy? (please tick all that apply) *
Is there any thing that you think you could do yourself or we could help you with so that you can be healthier? *
Please could you tell us your age *
Where do you live? *
HALFF is thinking of setting up a project based on the results of this survey to help people in Axminster to become healthier, either by helping them to eat better, do more sport, or more generally to improve their health and wellbeing. Does this sound like a good idea? *
Would you be interested in being involved in it in any of the following ways? please tick all that apply *
If you are interested in being involved in this project, please may we contact you?
If yes, please give us your name and (e-mail) address
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Thank you very much for your help. Now please submit the form.
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