MSACF Jury Form
Jury Timeline
Jurying will take place until April 30, 2018.
Who Must Jury
1. All artisans who are new to the fair or were not in the fair last year
2. We will make an exception if you are a current Tamarack artisan. You do not need to be “juried”; however, please send photos that can be used for advertising along with the jurying application.

Please Note: Applicants who go through the jurying process will be emailed or mailed notification as soon as possible.

How to Jury
Step 1. Please fill out and submit this form online.
Step 2. Please email 5 jpeg images for each medium to be juried and an image of your booth or display to
Step 3. Send via postal mail your non-refundable jury fee of $25 with checks made payable to:

PO Box 389
Ripley, WV 25271-0389

Although online form submission is preferred, you will need to use postal mail to send in your entry fee. You may also send in your form via postal mail.

Please Note: Images may be used for publicity purposes. The Selections Committee does not accept images submitted via links to a website.

Jury Entry Form
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Media Categories
The following are media categories that have been identified for the Mountain State Art & Craft Fair. These categories reflect the Fair’s commitment to a wide range and balance of fine art and fine crafts.
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Narrative Description of Media Material and Process
Please include dimensions and price for each entry.
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