OA High Adventure Legacy Completion
The OA High Adventure Ambassador program was designed to recognize Arrowmen who:
Complete an OA High Adventure Trek
give a presentation to your local lodge or chapter about your experience
assist with an OA High Adventure promotion effort at your Section Conclave
create 3 posts to your social media outlet of choice promoting your OA High Adventure experience using #AdventureAwaits
recruit at least 1 Arrowmen to experience OA High Adventure next summer

once you have completed these requirements fill out the following form to be recognized and added to our network

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What Lodge are you from?
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Which OA High Adventure programs have you completed?
What is your most recent OA High Adventure Crew number and year?
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Please provide us with a brief testimonial about your OA High Adventure experience.
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Describe your efforts to promote OA High Adventure since completing your trek
social media posts, how did you make your lodge or chapter presentation stand out, how did you help your section with its OA High Adventure promotion efforts
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Provide the name of at least one Arrowman that you've recruited to attend OA High Adventure next summer *
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Where should we send your patch?
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