Sponsor Form Runnin' for a Reason April 15th at Walsh Ranch Park 5K Fun Run Benefiting Backpack Coalition
Runnin’ for a Reason, in the inaugural year, has been created to serve our community by bringing together runners, families, and volunteers to raise money for a local charitable organization. For 2018, Backpack Coalition will receive all the proceeds from the race on April 15th.
Backpack Coalition’s goal is to nurture children, give them a level playing field, the chance to not only survive, but thrive and become contributing members of our community. Statistically, 1 in 4 children in Central Texas comes from a home that is not food stable. This means at any given time there may be nothing to eat in the home. For a child who is not adequately nourished over the weekend, studies show it takes them until Wednesday to recover full cognitive ability, only to start the process over again each Friday if no one steps up to help. The body is a marvelous machine: When faced with less than adequate food, it maintains core functions and sacrifices the “extras” – cognitive and higher learning abilities are the first casualties. Extended malnutrition not only destroys existing brain cells, it impairs the body's ability to make new brain cells. Currently it costs us $5.00 per week to feed a student for the weekend, and Backpack Coalition feeds over 1000 students each week.
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The only way for Runnin’ For A Reason to be a success is through the generous gifts of time and financial support provided by local businesses and volunteers. Each Gold & Silver Medal Sponsor will have their name announced and name/logo prominently displayed at the race. In addition, if Gold and Silver Medal sponsors may provide us with promotional material (flyers, pens, or other swag) that they would like included in the runner’s bags (due by April 1). All sponsors will be thanked in the runner's bags.
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If you prefer to pay via other method, please contact us at RunninForAReason@gmail.com to make arrangements.
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