City of Hancock Marijuana Public Comment Form
The Hancock City Council needs public input before deciding on licensing of marijuana business in the City. Before completing this survey, please review the City's 2 pg brief on marijuana which contains important information on existing regulations. The brief is found on the city's website. An info session will take place on Thursday, November 7 at 6pm at the Finnish Heritage Center. Public comments regarding this issue will be welcome using this form or in person at any public meeting. Your response to this form is confidential and anonymous. Please note that your response to this form will be used to help the City understand the range of public opinion on this issue, but it will not count as a "vote" or be used to draw conclusions about public opinion as a whole. This understanding of the range of public opinion will be used to inform the City's decision making process. Thank you for your engagement!
After reviewing the 2 page brief on marijuana, what are your opinions on this issue?
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