Request Submission
If you have a request for a new or current mod/trait, feel free to send it here.

♦♦ Patrons ♦♦
Please request in the Request Thread I provided on my Patreon or message me there:

♦♦ Non-Patrons - Please READ Before Requesting ♦♦

Please keep in mind the types of mods I do. I don't do meshes, animations, etc. So, it wouldn't make much sense to request these from me.

I will only accept the request if at least one of the following apply:
◘ It's a mod that I would use myself (regardless of the time it would take to make it).
◘ It's a mod I can make within a couple of hours.

Once you make a request please keep the following in mind:
◘ I do have a life and other interests that I tend to that don’t involve modding. Therefore, modding sometimes takes a backseat.
◘ Although I try to do requests in the order received, I may skip the more time consuming ones to complete the quick and easy ones first.
◘ Patron requests come before other requests because it’s a benefit they pay for.
◘ I have my own mod ideas that I like to fulfill as well, so sometimes those will come first.
◘ Current mods and patch updates will always take priority.
◘ If it's a time consuming mod that I wouldn't use for me, it won't be fulfilled unless you're a patron.

If I’m taking too long to get your request done, feel free to request another modder to do it (unless it’s part of one of my existing mods). Just let me know if someone else accepts it so I can move on to the next request.

♦♦ NOTE - At this time I'm very behind in requests. I have a lot of personal things going on in my life right now, so I haven't been modding at all. You can still request, just know that it could take a few months before I get to yours.♦♦

If you have read the above and understand, please click NEXT to continue...
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