Pledge to Hold the Line on Class Size
The administration of UMass Boston has announced to over 300 faculty members that they may not be rehired in the Fall semester due to a projected decline in revenue, even though faculty are the core strength of the university. This constitutes a short-term fix which damages the quality and reputation of our university and can only result in a long-term downward spiral. Slashing faculty continues a pattern of austerity that fails our students.

While the non-reappointment letters have gone out, we, the remaining faculty, as well as department chairs, can refuse to accept any increase in class sizes if asked to enroll students above the cap. Holding this line will both maximize the chances that those who have been laid off will be rehired in the fall, as well as maintain the quality of education for our students.  

Therefore, we, the undersigned, pledge to resist larger classes and refuse to enroll students above course caps in Fall 2020.

Steve Striffler, Labor Studies
Tracy Brown, Academic Support/ESL
Linda Liu, Sociology
Joseph Ramsey, English and American Studies
Travis Johnston, Political Science
Sofya Aptekar, Sociology
Eduardo Siqueira, SFE
Alex Mueller, English
Jeffrey Melnick, American Studies
Ashleigh Shelton, Communication
Karen Suyemoto, Psychology and Asian American Studies
Chris Rabe, Academic Support Programs
Christopher Martell, Curriculum and Instruction
Carney Maley, Women's, Gender, and Sexuality Studies
Lorna Rivera, Women's Gender & Sexuality Studies
Timothy Oleksiak, English
Maurice T. Cunningham, Political Science
Julie Winch, History
Dr. Dimity Peter, School for Global Inclusion and Social Development
Meredith Reiches, Anthropology
Brittanie Weatherbie Greco, English
Meghan Bailey, Librarian II, Healey Library
Sripad Motiram, Associate Professor, Department of Economics
Joseph Torra, English
Nelson P. Lande, Philosophy
Jacqueline Fawcett, Professor, Department of Nursing
Alan Waters, Anthropology Dept.
Zsuzsa Kaldy, Psychology
Tracey Rogers, Psychology
Nurit Haspel, Computer Science
Carol Sharicz, CEHD
Bonnie Miller, American Studies
Kibibi Mack-Shelton, Africana Studies
Meredith Gunning, Philosophy
Lynne Byall Benson, WGS
Janice Goldman, Dept of Management
Harry Konstantinidis, Economics
Juliana Berte, Latin American and Iberian Studies
Filip Cuckov, Engineering
Gillian MacNaughton, SGISD
Mengying Wang, Accounting and Finance
Lillian-Yvonne Bertram, English Dept
Nurul Aman, Economics
James Soldner, SGISD
Amy Todd, Anthropology
Patrick Barron, English
Leon Zurawicki, Dept. of Marketing
Patricia Paugh, C&I
Lusa Lo, Curriculum and Instruction
Kibibi Mack-Shelton, Africana Studies
Meredith Gunning, Philosophy
Carrie Ann Quinn, Performing Arts
John Hess, English/American Studies
Raul Ybarra, English
Hamed Yarmand, College of Management
Heidi Stanish, Exercise and Health Sciences
Jason Rodriquez, Sociology
Danelle Bromwich, Philosophy
Kathrin Boerner, Gerontology
Lizabeth Roemer, Psychology
John A. Tyson, Art Department
Askold Melnyczuk, English
Ester Shapiro, Psychology
Laurel Wainwright, Psychology
Susan Mraz, LAIS
Emilio Sauri, English
David McNamara, English
Margaret (Peggy) Vaughan, Psychology
Margaret Cadieux, Management/Communications
Teddy Chocos, English
Abbey Eisenhower, Psychology
Dennis Bird, Biology
Kevin Wozniak, Sociology
Peter Barrios-Lech, Classics
Andrew Perumal, Economics
Janet Stevens, English
Susan Zup, Psychology
Barbara Worley, Anthropology
Kathryn Archard, Management
Maria Brincker, Philosophy
Wendy Schoener, English
Tim Sieber, Anthropology
Patrick Clarkin, Anthropology
Rhiana Wegner, Psychology
Janet Stevens, English
Milko Ivanov, Exercise and Health Sciences
Erik Blaser, Psychology
Mark Schafer, LAIS
Jonathan Millman, Economics Dept.
Kathryn Kogan, Psychology
Long Nguyen, Math Department
Jeslyn Medoff, English
Sheree Conrad, Psychology
Lisa Rivera, Philosophy
Heidi Gengenbach, History
Rona Flippo, C & I
Louise Penner, English
Jennifer Hackel, Nursing & Health Science
Patricia Chouinard, Lat Am & Iberian Studies
Christopher Fung, Anthropology
Matthew Gregory, Sociology
Reef Youngreen, Sociology
Sarah Hayes-Skelton, Psychology
Natalicia Tracy, Labor Studies & Sociology
Ron Vining, Marketing
George Mikros, Applied Linguistics
Susan Field, English
Rosalyn Negrón, Anthropology
Brittany Peterson, English
Susana Domingo Amestoy, Latin American & Iberian Studies
Keith MacDonald, English & Education
Bryan M. Williams, Academic Support
Manu Thakral, Nursing
Shoshanna Ehrlich, Women's, Gender, and Sexuality Studies
Matt Pustz, American Studies
Heidi Levitt, Psychology
Nick Juravich, History & Labor Studies
Anna Mester, LAIS
Isabel Gómez, Latin American & Iberian Studies
Keith Jones, Africana Studies
David C. Gorman, Psychology & Sociology
Jackie Lageson Sociology Department
Andrea Leverentz, Sociology
Monique Fuguet, Mathematics
Alejandro Reuss, Labor Studies
Dan Messier, English
Jose E Martinez-Reyes, Anthropology
Denise Patmon, Curriculum & Instruction
Heike Schotten, Political Science
Karen Ross, Conflict Resolution, Human Security and Global Governance
Victoria Kingsley, English
Philip Chassler American Studies Dept.
Valentina Urbanek, Philosophy Department
Meghan Kallman, SGISD
Natalia Scarpetti, English
Katherine Kiss/Applied Linguistics
Reyes Coll-Tellechea, Latin American & Iberian Studies
Anna Beckwith, Sociology
Lorena Estrada-Martinez, School for the Environment
Elizabeth Sweet
Kenneth M. Reardon, Urban Planning/SFE
Sindiso Mnisi Weeks, School for Global Inclusion and Social Development
Kevin Murphy, History
Samantha Regan, English
Wayne Rhodes, English
Jason von Ehrenkrook, Religious Studies
Lauren Sullivan, Anthropology
Rafael Jaen, Performing Arts
Steven Levine, Philosophy
Paul Benson, Sociology
Claudia Esposito, MLLC
Diana Burgin MLLC
David Giessow, Performing Arts
Vetri Nathan, MLLC
Julie Wright, Exercise and Health Sciences
Justin Kompf, Exercise and Health Sciences
David Patterson, Performing Arts
Elizabeth Lapuh,  Performing Arts
Dana Commesso, Exercise and Health Science
Miyuki Yamamoto, Modern Languages, Literatures and Cultures
Shannon McHugh, Modern Languages, Literatures, and Cultures
Michael Fennimore, Performing Arts
Angie Jepson, Performing Arts
Katharina Loew, Modern Languages, Literatures, and Cultures
Brooke Sofferman, Performing Arts
Jennifer Gregg, Communication
Sharon Horne, Counseling and School Psychology
Brandon Miller, Communication
Sun-Young Park, Communication
Tyler Murphy, English Department
Linda Lawrence,  English
S. Tiffany Donaldson, Psychology and Honors College
Margaret Hart, Art
Jay Dee, Leadership in Education
Mark Kazemzadeh, Communication
Cassandra Alexopoulos, Communication Department
Susan Mraz LAIS
Daniel Finn, Sociology
David Merwin, School for the Environment
Theodore Klein, Philosophy
Sandra Howland, English
Itai Halevi, English
Jessie Quintero Johnson, Communication
Leonard Alberts, CNHS
Alan Wiig, Urban Planning/SFE
Ashley Addington, Performing Arts
Tyler Murphy, English Department
John Saltmarsh, Leadership in Education
Basye Hendrix Communication Department
Mario Perrett, Music Department
Kellee Siegfried, Biology
Avak Hasratian, English
Carol Scollans, Art Department
Thierry Gustave, Modern Languages, Literatures, and Cultures
Carol Chandler-Rourke, English
Richard Hung, SFE-Urban Planning & Community Development
Dennis A. Gilbert, Modern Languages, Literatures, and Cultures
Neal Bruss, English
Lin Zhu, Communication Department
Sarah Hamblin, English
Amani El Jack, Women's, Gender & Sexuality Studies
Christopher Zurn, Philosophy
Sarah Tardif, Communication
Richard Hunter, Psychology
Paul J Dyson, English
Ping-Ann Addo, Anthropology
Sharon Montella, Dept. Of Performing Arts
Eve Sorum, English
Philip Troped, Exercise and Health Sciences
Eric Michael Kelley, Anthropology
Frederick Stubbs, Performing Arts
Nancy Finn, English
Hugh C. O'Connell, English
Steven Cornelius, Performing Arts
Kenny Sunnerberg, English
Shannon McHugh, Modern Languages, Literatures, and Cultures
Maureen Boyle, Economics
Daniel Gidron, Performing Arts
Catherine Lawlor, Music, Performing Arts
Daniela Balanzategui, Anthropology
Xu Guo Chan, Modern Languages, Literatures, and Cultures
Thomas Johnson, History
Nayelli Castro-Ramírez, Latin American and Iberian Studies
Stephen Silliman, Anthropology
Chinelo Ejueyitchie, WGSS & Africana Studies Departments
Shannon McHugh, Modern Languages, Literatures, and Cultures
Ursula Tafe, Political Science
Panayota Gounari, Applied Linguistics
Kathryn Blum, CNHS
Mitch Manning, English
Nedra Lee, Anthropology
Camille Martinez, Communication
Beth Clemens, Sociology
Andrew Leong, Philosophy and Latino Studies
Nurul Aman Economics
Caroline L. Coscia, Political Science
Paula Brooks, DNP, FNP-BC, MBA, RNFA
Dora Alvarez, LAIS
Pratyush Bharati, MSIS
Leon Zurawicki, Dept. of Marketing
Layla Brown-Vincent, Africana Studies
Rona Flippo, C & I
Raul Ybarra, English
Denise Khor, American Studies
Rachel Rubin, American Studies
Maureen Scully, Management
Corinne Etienne, Applied Linguistics
Matthew Lehman, Mathematics
Tracy Wallach, GLPP, McCormack School
Susanna Gallor, Psychology
Sandra Copman, Education and Human Development
Joseph Torra
Nino Kebadze, Latin American & Iberian Studies
Sarah Horsley, Sociology
Deborah Budden, English
Marisol Negrón, American Studies and Latino Studies
Courtenay Sprague, Conflict Res/Human Security/Global Gov, McCormack School

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