Early College Studies; 2021-22 Entrance

Thank you for your interest in the Early College Studies program at Stamford High School! To be considered for admission, you must first complete this application form.

Please note: There are three separate pools of seats available for the ECS program this year: Early Decision, Lottery, and General Admission. There is only this one application, but the questions will guide you to which of these processes you are looking to take part in. All applicants who submit this form by January 15, 2021 will be entered in the lottery which will take place on January 22, 2021. Anyone submitting this application after January 15, 2021 will no longer be eligible for the lottery, but can still be considered for available seats in our general admissions process. This form will close on February 15, 2021 and our final decision on all remaining seats will be on February 22, 2021. For those that view ECS as their first choice and will not be entering the lottery for AITE, we encourage you to submit your application by December 4th, 2020 in order to take part in our Early Decision process.

This form must be completed in one sitting; therefore, we suggest that you gather the information needed beforehand. This information should be verified by a parent/guardian. A parent/guardian will be asked to sign off on the application in the last question.

If for any reason your online session is interrupted, the form will not save your information. This portion of the application is complete when you hit "Submit" at the end of this form and view the confirmation screen.

If you are interested in either applying in our Early Decision or General Admission process (besides being entered in the lottery) you will be asked to respond in 300-500 words to a writing prompt in this application. It is best to prepare this in advance and copy it into this application when asked. The prompt is: Why do you want to be in the Early College Studies Program at Stamford High School? What most excites you about the program and how do you see it fitting into your future plans? Where do you see yourself five years from now and how do you think what you learn in the Early College Studies program will fit into that?

Again, please be mindful of the different due dates for this application.

Visit www.ECSstamford.com for more information about the application process and the program in general.
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