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Retreat led by Venerable Chuan Guan | 传观法师授课
About Heart Sutra Retreat ... | 心经静修介绍
Retreat Details | 心经静修详情
Dates: 1 - 3 Dec 2017, Friday to Sunday
Retreat: 8:00am to 9:00pm
Registration: 7:30am on the first day of retreat
Venue: City Beach Resort
8 Port Road, Singapore 117540

* This retreat is led by Venerable Chuan Guan and conducted in Chinese.
* The Eight Precepts are to be observed during the retreat (no dinner; exceptions will be granted for medical conditions).
* Participants who need to leave early are to seek permission from the conducting Venerable.
* All mobile phones are to be surrendered upon registration.

Subsidies are available to eligible participants. Please contact us for more information.

Volunteering Opportunities
If you would like to volunteer for this retreat, sign up with us today!
(a) Administration, (b) Logistics support , and (c) Photography

Charges Increment:
CBR has increased the daily rental charge for the small function hall from $350 to $500*.
*Rental cost is net of $100 discount.

If you would like to support the retreat cost or others who have limited means to attend the retreat, kindly get in touch with us. :)

We can be reached at spiritualgroupcultivation@gmail.com.


日期: 2017 年12月1日至12月3日 (星期五至星期日)
时间: 早上8点到晚上9点
报名时间: 首日早上7点30分
地点: City Beach Resort
8 Port Road, Singapore 117540

* 传观法师将以中文授课 。
* 静修期间,请遵守八关斋戒 (身体不适以及有先前病例者除外,我们将不会提供晚餐)。
* 若您需要提早离开,请务必征求法师的允许。
* 在柜台报名时,请务必将手机交给负责人保管。手机将在静修完毕时归还。


(a) 行政, (b) 后勤, (c) 摄影。

费用增加 :

捐款 :


Payment | 付款详情
Please submit the fees to the following account
POSB Saving Account: 421-48645-0,
or transfer the fees via PayNow to 91708233.

请将您的报名费汇到以下帐户:POSB储蓄户口 421-48645-0,
或通过PayNow把款项汇至 91708233.

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Please input your email if you wish to receive notification of future retreats and Dharma classes. | 若您希望收到有关佛学班,八关斋戒以及其他SGC主办的活动消息,请留下您的电邮地址。
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We will try to allocate rooms on the ground floor for participants above 50 years old. | 50岁以上的参与者将拥有被分配到一楼客房的优先权。
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Subsidies are available for seniors above 65 and students. | 赞助津贴
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