Waverley Blues Auskick - Feedback
Please share any feedback that you wish to about the program - positive or negative. I don't want to be prescriptive about topics, but for example:
* Are your children having fun or are they finding the pace too fast or too slow?
* Are there any particular parts of the sessions that they particularly love or dislike?
* Are YOU having fun at the sessions as well, or how can we improve your experience?
* How are you finding our coaching volunteers?
* How are you finding the communication from me each week?
* Do you have any feedback on the BBQ items and cupcakes, or other parts of the "off-ground" experience?
* How do you feel about the other activities that Auskick has offered? eg. the Lightning event, Family Day half-time, etc.
* Do you have suggestions for other types of extra activities?
* How is the timing of the session? It might be hard to change this year, but there's always next year!
* And so on...
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