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I feel little concern for others *
I am the life and soul of the party *
I am always prepared *
I get stressed out easily *
I have a rich vocabulary *
I don't like to talk a lot *
I am interested in other people *
I leave my belongings around *
I am relaxed most of the time *
I have difficulty understanding abstract ideas *
I feel comfortable around people *
I insult people *
I pay attention to details *
I worry about things *
I have a vivd imagination *
I like to stay in the background *
I sympathise with others' feelings *
I make a mess of things *
I seldom feel down *
I am not interested in abstract ideas *
I start conversations *
I am not interested in other people's problems *
I get small tasks done straight away *
I am easily disturbed *
I have excellent ideas *
I have little to say *
I have a soft heart *
I often forget to put things back in their proper place *
I get upset easily *
I do not have a good imagination *
I talk to a lot of different people around the company *
I am not really interested in my colleagues *
I like order *
My mood changes a lot *
I am quick to understand things *
I don't like to draw attention to myself *
I take time out to help my colleagues *
I shirk my duties *
I have frequent mood swings *
I use a wide vocabulary to express myself *
I don't mind being the centre of attention *
I feel others' emotions *
I like to follow a schedule *
I get irritated easily *
I spend time reflecting on things *
I am quiet around new people / new employees *
I make people feel at ease *
I am exacting in my work *
I often feel sad or down *
I am full of ideas *
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