क्या उस रंगमंच का रचियता बनना आपको लुभाता है? एक ऐसा संसार जहा के किरदार भी आपकी उंगलियों पे नाचते है और उनकी बागडोर भी आपके मन की गुलाम है!

'' No tears in the writer, no tears in the reader. No surprise in the writer, no surprise in the reader ''.

As heavy and hypnotic these words by Robert Frost may sound, they must trigger the hypnotist in you who could cast a heavy spell and consume his own boundaries, subtly surprising himself, frantically surprising the audience .

अगर आपमे है उन बिखरे अक्षरो को अल्फाज़ो मैं पिरोने का हुनर! तो आप सब आमंत्रित है, स्याही मैं अपने शब्दो की मधुरता और शक्ति से सबको चौकादेने के लिए!

At Syaahi'19 let's see what our Pen-dora's Box has for you! Don't forget to bring your luck! Themes and characters(or maybe something else) are hiding there in the chits! Let words give you wands to unleash your wizardry, a myriad of settings to align your mood. So get ready to tame the specie of wildernesses that reside up there

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