District 89 Toastmasters Mentor feedback questionnaire (Hong Kong & Macau) D89大區導師問卷調查(港澳)
Dear Toastmasters,
Program Quality- Mentoring Team would be very pleased to get your inputs so we will be able to know how we can provide ways to support you as mentor or mentee.


1. Email address: 電子郵件地址: *
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2. Which club are you from? 你來自哪個俱樂部? *
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3. How many years have you been in Toastmasters? 你留在俱樂部多少年? *
4. How many mentees do you currently have? 你目前有多少指導學員? *
5. Are you conscientiously following the Toastmasters mentoring steps? 您有按照頭馬的導師守則來指導學員嗎? *
6. Please describe yourself as a mentor? (Can choose more than one answer) 請描述你自己? (可以選擇多個答案) *
7. Did you achieve your personal goal as a mentor? In terms of: 作為一名導師,您有達到您原來設定的個人目標嗎? 例如:
8. What are the obvious improvements of your mentee? (Can choose more than one answer)經過您指導的學員有哪些明顯的進步?(可以選擇多個答案) *
9. What are your challenges as a mentor? 作為一名導師,您最大的挑戰是什麼?
10. Are you still willing to continue your role as a mentor? 您願意繼續做一名導師嗎?為什麼?
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11. Are you interested to attend the mentorship training session possibly in late February? 有興趣參加2月下旬的導師培訓嗎? *
12. Are you interested to attend the experience sharing session possibly in early May? 有興趣參加5月初的經驗分享會嗎? *
13. Comments or suggestion? 意見或建議? *
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