Winter League 2018
Online Entry form for Winter League 2018
Entry Update
As at 9am Thursday 11th January the event is FULL.
Any entries placed will be added to a waiting list.
Division allocation
New for 2018: In the interest of fair and equal racing we will be trialing Division allocation based on your race Category. As far as possible please plan to race in these divisions. If you cannot race in these divisions then please state on the entry form. We will allow entries in other divisions and will review the allocations for next year.

Div 1
Mens Champ 1x, Womens Champ 8+, Mens Club A 2x/2-, Womens Club A 8+, Mens Novice 2x, Womens Novice 8+, Mens Masters 1x, Womens Master 4+/4x/4-

Div 2
Mens Champ 4+/4x/4-, Womens Champ 1x, Mens Club A 8+, Womens Club A 2x/2-, Mens Novice 8+, Womens Novice 2x, Mens Masters 4+/4x/4-, Womens Master 1x

Div 3
Mens Champ 2x/2-, Womens Champ 4+/4x/4-, Mens Club A 1x, Womens Club A 4+/4x/4-, Mens Novice 1x, Womens Novice 4+/4x/4-, Mens Masters 8+, Womens Master 2x/2-

Div 4
Mens Champ 8+, Womens Champ 2x/2-, Womens Champ 2x/2-, Womens Club A 1x, Mens Novice 4+/4x/4-, Womens Novice 1x, Mens Master 2x/2-, Womens Masters 8+

For all other categories, or if you have any further division preferences/requirements please complete the section in the entry form and we will do our best to accommodate the requests.

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