Accommodation reservation
Please observe that SIEC has blocked some rooms at the following hotels. You need to make reservation to SIEC no later than June 1: First come, first served. All prices include breakfast.

Aenos Hotel – 6 classic double rooms at EUR 145,00€ incl. breakfast + (EUR 3 per room / day for overnight tax)
Ionion Plaza (15 rooms): double room EUR 135 (+EUR 1,50 per day for overnight tax), single rooms EUR 100 (+EUR 1,50 per day for overnight tax)
Mirabel Hotel (12 rooms): EUR 85 double, EUR 72 single (+EUR 1,50 for overnight tax)
Aggelos Hotel (5 rooms): single/double room EUR 90 (+Eur 1,50 for overnight tax)

Arrival 27 July 2019 – departure 3 August 2019 for all hotels, or if wanted by the delegates rooms are available before and after these dates at the same price.
Please do not contact these hotels directly for reservations. The conference planning committee will make the reservation for you.

All hotel prices are valid until 1 June. No refunds after June 1.
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Payment of deposits
Deposit for room reservation is EUR 225 ($250) per room for the reserved number of nights to be paid via banktransfer or credit card. The remainder of the cost will be paid to the hotel at departure. You can pay
the room deposit and the registration fee in one transaction. See Registration for payment via credit card.

Send payment in euros via bank transfer to:
Danske Bank, Box 7523, SE10392 Stockholm
Acct. #: 12350375404
IBAN: SE8012000000012350375404
Owner Acct.: SIEC Sweden

There will be a €20 processing fee for wire transfers generated outside of the European Union.
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