Your idea for the land use after the berm is removed 您對土地用途的意見
Note: All ideas will be reviewed, evaluated and discussed with different ministries before finalization. Further review with the Board of Directors may be required to evaluate the cost impact and/or potential risks.
注意:在最終確定之前,所有想法都將與不同的部委進行審查、評估和討論。 可能需要與董事會進一步審查以評估成本影響和/或潛在風險。
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Please provide your name and contact information (email and phone number) in case we like to obtain further information / clarification on your idea. 請提供您的姓名和聯繫信息(電子郵件和電話號碼),以便我們需要更進一步了解你的建議時,可以和你聯繫。
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When providing suggestion, please have some thoughts on ministry growth, flexibility for different ministries, long term vs short term, cost to complete, etc. If you have any documents like image of draft, please email to with subject "your idea for the land use". 在提供建議時,請綜合考慮事工增長、不同事工的靈活性、長期與短期、完成成本等各方面的平衡。如果您有草稿圖像等任何文件,請發送電子郵件至,郵件主題為“your idea for the land use” 。
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