CHLA Program - ADA Nuisance & Frivolous Lawsuits Campaign
CHLA is furthering their commitment to help hotels across the State of California with ADA Nuisance and Frivolous Lawsuits. 

Since 2018, CHLA has had an industry leading, one of its kind, ADA Lawsuit Assistance Program, which has helped over 120 properties across the State deal with these frivolous claims. Now in 2023, we are committed to taking the next step by presenting our cases to our elected officials and the public at large to educate them on how our industry has been unfairly targeted and suffered from such lawsuits. 

If you are a hotelier in the State of California, and you have ever been served an ADA Nuisance or Frivolous Lawsuit in the past, we encourage you to fill out the form below and submit to our offices. You do not need to have used our program to fill out the form. 

We are trying to get the maximum number of responses to this form of those who have suffered through these types of litigation. Your information will be kept confidential to CHLA, and we will reach out to you to discuss the matters of your case, and if you'd be willing to publicly support CHLA's efforts either through a PR campaign, meeting with elected officials, or town hall testimonials. Even if you are not comfortable in participating in our campaign, your data will be valuable in helping us represent the hotels across the State that have suffered from these lawsuits, so we encourage all to participate. 

If you have any questions, or concerns, please feel free to reach out to either:
Bijal Patel, Past Chairman and Board Member, CHLA - 831-818-5279
A.J. Rossitto, Advocacy Manager, CHLA - 916-554-2677
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