Does Human Pregnancy Affect Dog Behaviour
Debbie Connolly is a cat and dog behaviourist with 30 years experience. In order to study behaviours seen in many cases over 30 years in the profession, this survey has been created. You may be responding about multiple dogs, make this clear in your answers. If dogs were owned at the same time, put them here. If different times during other pregnancies, please do a separate form for each pregnancy.
If you feel any answers are not quite right for your situation, explain at the end. Where there is an option for "other" you can also briefly explain.
Are/were you the pregnant person or the partner/friend/family member of one? *
What breed of dog or crossbreed are you responding about and what sex? *
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How old was the dog? *
How long had you owned the dog? *
Where did you get the dog from? *
Was the dog spayed or castrated at the time? *
Had the dog ever had or sired a litter previously? *
Prior to the pregnancy, did the dog have any issues with children? *
How did the behaviour change? *
Use this space if you wish to further explain your answers to the last question about changes to behaviour
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If you had problems, did you keep your dog? *
Did you do anything to prepare the dog for the changes a child brings? *
What would you do differently if in the same situation again?
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