Romancing the island (water access vs road access)
Many of my buyers are reluctant to consider island cottages, regardless of the fact they are typically more affordable than mainland properties. So I'm hoping to allay some of their fears by seeking input from those 'brave' island owners who wouldn't have it any other way!
What do you love most about your island life?
Do you have all the comforts of home ? What do you do for electricity, running water, indoor plumbing, telephone, internet, tv? What do you miss having the most?
How do you get to your island? Do you have mainland access or mainland parking? Do you use a marina slip - if yes, what is your annual rental fee?
How many months of the year do you get to enjoy your island cottage? From when to when? Have you ever visited in the winter - if yes, how did you get there?
Not counting winter... have you ever NOT been able to reach your island? Why not? What did you do?
Have you ever had a medical emergency while on the island? What happened and how did you handle it?
What would you say to encourage those who are hesitant to consider island properties?
Margaret Thompson - Professional RealtorĀ® in Portland on the Rideau -Rideau Realty Ltd.
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