Apply for the SSC!
All Boston College students (undergraduate or graduate) from any major are encouraged to apply.

Applications are due April 29th.
Selected teams will be invited to pitch.

The program will run from June 5, 2017 - August 18, 2017.
Questions? Please email Danielle Dalton at

What's your name? *
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What's your business called? *
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If you have a website for the business, please share the link.
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What problem does your business solve? *
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Tell us why you're passionate about this problem space. *
This is a really important question. Startups are hard. Why is this one worth all the hours and the effort and sacrifice to make it successful?
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Tell us about your team. List each person with their BC affiliation & class year, and what their skill-sets. *
Skill sets can range from anything! (i.e. Industry Expertise, Strategy, Community Builder, Product, Designer, Sales)
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The next several questions are about the stage of your business. If you are very early, that's fine. We just want to understand where you are. How long have you been working on this idea? *
Regarding your business idea, have you talked to prospective users or customers to help you validate and refine the idea? *
What have you built at this stage? Wireframes? Clickable prototype? Actual working product *
If you haven't built anything yet, just write "idea stage" below
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Tell us about current usage (if anyone is using your product currently). What kind of usage and what kind of feedback are you getting? *
Be sure to give us a sense of scale. Is this 10 'friendlies' or 10k people in the wild?
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SSC only has slots for a handful of spots for teams. Why should you get one of them? *
Why does the world NEED your solution?
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Feel free to link to any other info. Your blog, videos, a slideshare of your pitch deck, validation of the problem, etc.
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