PAWCon 2018 Staff/Volunteer Interest Form
Please note: You must be 18 years or age or older to volunteer or be on staff for PAWCon.
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You can say things like Operations, Registration, Events, Public Safety, Stage Hand, etc.
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Have you been on staff or volunteered for other cons? If so, tell us about it!
This helps us to understand what you have done before and where you might fit best. If you don't have previous con experience, that's okay! We will be happy to show you the ropes.
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Do you have any special skills that you would like to show off?
If not, that's okay too! Tell us what you would like to get out working for the con.
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What days are you available to help out? *
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We set up a day before official opening, and tear down late in the evening on the last day. Would you be available and/or interested in helping with either set-up or tear-down? *
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