NAHS Music Department Overnight Trip Assistance Application
The information provided in this form will be kept confidential between families and relevant school personnel.

Please note that no full scholarships will be provided. Students and families should take advantage of our various individual fundraisers to account for the majority of trip costs.

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Are you currently in good academic standing (No Ds, Fs, or I)? If not, please explain. *
Have you attended all required rehearsals, sectionals, and performances throughout the year? If not, please explain why. *
Are you on free and/ or reduced lunch? *
Have you ever applied for free/ reduced lunch? If not, would you consider applying to receive their services?
Have you applied for the Live Your Learning Education Fund scholarship (available in the main office)? This scholarship is provided through the school and is available for students on free/ reduced lunch. They usually fund approximately 50- 70% of student trips. SENIORS AND JUNIORS SHOULD USE THIS OPTION FIRST!
Statement of Financial Need (To be completed by parent): In the space below, please explain the nature of your financial need. Outline any circumstances that would help us better understand your eligibility for assistance. (Example: single parent home, number of siblings, medical expenses, etc.). *
The information provided in this application is correct. *
Personal Statement (Completed by Student): One page personal statement describing why you would be a good candidate for receiving financial assistance: 1. Why do you want to go on the trip? 2. What leadership qualities have you demonstrated that would enable you to contribute positively to our program? 3. How would your participation in our trip develop your personal growth and leadership skills? *
Please list two teachers (not Mr. Smalley, Mrs. Durkin, or Mr. Clark) who are willing to have us contact them for a character reference: *
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