Greater Manchester Cycling Campaign 10-point action plan - #GMMayor response form (duplicate)
If elected as Mayor of Greater Manchester I commit to promote:
1. A Healthy Streets Agenda - Promote people-friendly streets and journeys for a more active, healthier city by working with local authorities to improve existing neighbourhood streets and walking, cycling and public transport networks, while ensuring new developments are planned so people can easily walk or cycle to local amenities or use public transport connections for longer journeys. *
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2. A GM-wide Cycling Network - Plan and start to deliver a GM-wide network of high quality cycleways. People do not like cycling amongst busy motor-traffic or pedestrians so dedicated space for cycling is required on major thoroughfares, along with attractive, direct alternative routes where they are practical. *
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3. A Public Cycle Hire Scheme - Deliver an accessible and affordable cycle hire scheme covering Manchester city-centre and rolling out to include Universities, MediaCityUK, sports stadia etc. and a presence in district centres. *
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4. Convenient Cycle Parking - Lead a programme to deliver on-street cycle parking in terraced areas, cycle stores in apartments and workplaces, and more £10 cycle hubs with them all open longer hours. *
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5. VisionZero - Work towards a highways network with zero traffic fatalities or serious injuries by promoting people-focused highways designs and prioritising road traffic law enforcement to reduce road danger and make our streets safer and more comfortable for all users, especially for people walking or cycling. *
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To help prioritise the initiatives above I will commit to targets, funding and leadership:
6. Aim to deliver at least one Healthy Streets intervention or high-quality cycleway with each Local Authority in your first term - Set a target of at least one flagship scheme in each Local Authority. *
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7. Create a Dedicated Budget - Develop a standalone fund for cycling and walking improvements, and work with partners to lever investment into it, to provide predictable funding streams to deliver items 1-6. *
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8. Appoint a Commissioner to lead delivery of items 1 to 6 while engaging with existing teams to ensure delivery of items 9 and 10 and optimal use of Local Authority walking, cycling and maintenance budgets.
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I will also commit to the following complimentary measures:
9. Smarter Public Transport - Further promote and support lower-car and car-free living by improving public transport by ensuring all GM bus, tram and train services have real-time information, integrated and more affordable ticketing, and better integration with cycling, including off-peak cycle carriage.
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10. Cleaner Air - Promptly issue a bold Implementation Plan to ensure better air quality monitoring and alerts are available, especially for educational sites, and to encourage and enable local authorities to implement actions such as Low Emission Zones and Workplace Parking Levy schemes across GM.
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