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MULTI CULT is a ritual variety show. A repeating point of unity amidst chaos. A welcoming space for paradox, ecstasy, discomfort, entertainment and the unknown. MULTI CULT argues that diversity of experience and difference of opinion are the true path to enlightenment.

Will you help light the way?

Be a part of MULTI CULT 8 on February 24th at the Lyric Hyperion! We will be exploring themes of BODY & POWER. Submit your proposal by midnight on Friday, February 1st to be considered for this show.

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MULTI CULT is hosted and curated by Sir Lyra Hill, an artist, educator, and Master of Ceremonies who has been organizing rituals and teaching magic since 2004. She created, hosted and ran BRAIN FRAME, the legendary performative-comix reading series, from 2011-2014. She has screened, published, and performed in Canada, Mexico, Scotland, England, Australia, Italy, Greece and across the USA. In 2016 NewCity Magazine named her “Best Urban Ritualist.” She lives in Los Angeles, and currently teaches martial arts and self defense against sexual assault.

NEXT DEADLINE: Friday, February 1st
Seeking amateurs, professionals, artists and non-artists with film, dance, video, mime, poetry, comedy, performance art, prose, noise, music, experiments, exercises, lectures, confessions, games, points and counterpoints to share. The best ideas are weird and ambitious. Hateful and bigoted proposals are unwelcome. Completed works are welcome, from any year. Incomplete works are also welcome.

American Sign Language (ASL) is a part of every show. Deaf and hard of hearing individuals are encouraged to apply to MULTI CULT.

The Lyric Hyperion is ADA accessible. Anyone 18 and over can attend and apply. If you have other specific needs, please let us know and we will do our best to integrate you and yours.

Submissions are always open. If you apply late or want to communicate anything else about your proposal, email

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To be considered for our February 24th show, submit no later than MIDNIGHT on FRIDAY, FEBRUARY 1st!
If you are invited to participate in MULTI CULT and accept, you will be expected to:
- attend 1 meeting or rehearsal before the show, in-person or virtually
- arrive early on the day of the show for tech rehearsal
- be flexible in regards to the development and/or presentation of your piece


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