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PLEASE READ FIRST: If you would like us to consider linking to your website from our website, please fill out the form below, so that we can put your website into our queue to evaluate.

Due to the high volume of these requests that we receive, we are unable to respond individually to each request and we are unable to link to many websites.  

Preferred websites offer credible information from sources that are clearly visible to users, they do not solicit library patrons, they do not collect information about patrons, and they are COPPA compliant.
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Please list the type of information you collect about the users/visitors that come to your website.
How often is new information posted? How often is old information purged?
Is your site available at no cost to the library (i.e. no subscription fee)? If there is a cost, how much is it, and what user authentication options do you offer (if applicable)?
Are users of your site asked to donate money, buy items, or to spend money at your site for any reason?
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Are there advertisements on your site?
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Which public libraries and other institutions have linked to your website from theirs? Can you provide references from those organizations and associated contact information?
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