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Every membership is valid for a duration of 12 months.
2013: Through their donations, more than 500 people allow Eric Offenstadt to build GECO, world's first motorcycle designed on functional specification with the principle of constant velocity. In December, it is unveiled at the "Salon de Paris".
2015 : First race involvement : 24H Le Mans. But we must abandon due to technical problems after crashes in tests.
2015 : Yamaha provides us a brand new R1. A new prototype is built on this basis.
2016 : Improving the new prototype. Promising lap times performed by pilot Lucas Mahias
2017 : Must be the proof-of-concept year, through the real race !
- Together, we are helping to meet the development budget and needs for competition !
- Together, we show the present and future partners the enthusiasm and energy that carry this project!
- € 10 minimum for membership of the association,
- € 20 or more: you benefactor
- € 40 or more: the Tshirt GECO offered
- € 60 or more: GECO cap in addition Tshirt
Everyone gives what he wants ...
You can read the articles of association here (in French) :
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