School Culture Survey, Spring 2017
In an effort to focus on specific areas of improvement for next school year, please take a few minutes to answer the questions below. Thanks!
1. What is your current grade level?
2. I know the goals my school is working on this year.
3. My school has high expectations for all students.
4. My teachers see me as a leader.
5. I see myself as a leader.
6. I have ample opportunities to be involved in school activities (class, clubs, band, sports, etc).
7. I have support in developing various skills at school (i.e. school success skills, academic planning skills, post-secondary planning skills, life skills, work ethic skills).
8. I feel like I belong (am accepted and liked) at school.
9. In my school, students help each other even if they are not friends.
10. My teachers care about me.
11. I have a trusting relationship with one or more of the adults at my school.
12. I feel emotionally safe at school.
13. I feel physically safe at school.
14. I know my school's mission/vision.
15. Comments? Thanks for your time and input!
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