In the Kitchen Practicum Registration: "Holiday Culinary Culture"

IMPORTANT LOGISTICS: This event will take place at [location to be shared with registered participants-- location is in walking distance from main campus] on Saturday, December 8th from 1pm-3pm. It is requested that participants help with clean-up to expedite the clean-up process. This event is limited to 12 participants.

REGISTRATION: Please read the information in its entirety before proceeding to fill out the information below.

This is the official registration form for our sixth and final In the Kitchen practicum (ITKP) for the semester, "Holiday Culinary Culture." In conjunction with the 2012-2013 Food and Culture Colloquium at Denison University, practicum sessions aim to provide participants with practical experience in the kitchen, in a safe, cooperative environment. By submitting this form, you acknowledge:

1. You are registering as a voluntary participant;
2. You will, to your fullest extent possible, participate in this ITKP in its complete design;
3. You understand that you will not be forced to try any prepared dish, but for those that you do try you will try voluntarily;
4. You agree to arrive on Saturday, December 8, 2012, no later than 1pm at the e-mailed location;
5. You shall inform the principal contact and organizer of this event at should you be unable to participate and/or attend for whatever reason at least 48 hours prior to the start of the IKP.

**Please be aware that prior to the start of the ITKP each participant will be asked to fill out a release form (which affirms the above, and which states the participants will not hold Denison responsible for any issues resulting from their participation in the practicum). If you would like a copy of the release form in advance, please contact**

In addition, please take note that there will be other ITKPs throughout the academic year. Registrations for this ITKP will be accepted in the order they are received; for future ITKPs, priority will be given (also, in the order they are received) to those who have not previously attended an ITKP. After the priority registration period has ended, any open spaces may be claimed by anyone regardless of whether or not s/he attended previous events. If you register for this event, this will not necessarily prevent you from attending future ones; simply put, others will be put at a higher priority status for subsequent events.

If you have ANY questions about this program, please do not hesitate to contact organizer Mark Anthony Arceño (Multi-Cultural Student Affairs Program Coordinator) at If, after you have registered, you can no longer participate, please contact Mark Anthony immediately so that others can register.

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