Virtual NCSY/JSU Initiative
Dear Teens of Greater Boston,

As schools in our area begin the process to close and everyone contemplates what is to come, Greater Boston NCSY and JSU is already in full preparation mode to provide engaging and inspiring content and learning groups for teens to participate in. We will be announcing shortly a variety of different sessions going on throughout the week. We will be providing teens in our area the opportunity to join small group discussions with our talented advisor staff, as well as fascinating webinars with world-renown speakers that will be announced shortly as well.

Please fill out this form if you are interested to be a part of learning group discussions, what topics you'd like to learn about, and what day do you think you'll be most available.

It is in the merit of teens that commit to learning more about their heritage and the depth of learning that will bring quick healing to the world!

Rabbi Yudi Riesel
Miryam Cohen Schwartz
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