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This form is used to submit information and digital materials to the Fieldwork Archive. The details you provide will be used to generate a catalog entry that will include either 1) a web-address where the materials can be found, 2) a downloadable archive file, or 3) instructions for how to access the files offline.

The Shared Sacred Sites: Fieldwork Archive is designed to classify, organize, and share links to fieldwork materials concerning the study of sacred sites that have been used, shared, transferred, or are otherwise connected to multiple communities. It specifically collects ethnographic materials on these sites and communities, including images, audios, videos, field-notes, and ethnographic essays. Unlike the Shared Sacred Sites: Repository, which presents bibliographic references to published works, the Fieldwork Archive provides direct access to the materials through hyperlinks and downloadable files. The Fieldwork Archive is located at:

Please consult the Fieldwork Archive for examples of finished entries.

If you require assistance filling out this form or have a question, please contact the Shared Sacred Sites webmaster at:

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